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stuff2sell's Journal

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Store Information
This is lovedumpling__'s selling journal.

My name is Coleen and I am the owner of stuff2sell. I have been selling online for over 6 years now. I mostly sell clothing or anime goods, but over the years, and with a little help from my friends, have a larger variety of goods to offer.

I come from a house with 2 cats. Any item that I send out I wash/lint roll to assure that the item you receive will look its best. I live in a smoke-free environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
stuff2sell accepts Paypal, money orders and cash(at your own risk). Personal checks will not be accepted.

Do you trade?
At this time, I no longer am accepting trades. I have been jipped too many times with outrageous shipping differences and cannot afford to do so anymore.

How come I can't trade for certain items?
I'm selling several items for friends of mine and it would not be fair to accept no form of payment for the items they have posted.

I received my product and it was damaged. What do I do?
I mark all items in the store if there is a problem (dirty, has a hole, etc). If your item was damaged during shipping, there is nothing that can be done on my end. I mark all items and wrap them if they are delicate and the responsibility is out of my hands from that point. You will not be given a refund for Post Office damages.

What delivery service do you use?
United States Postal Services.

Do you charge a Paypal fee?
No. It's against their Terms of Service.

How do I know if an item is new or used?
Most of the items in my store have been used. On the rare occurrence that an item is new, it will be marked New, New In Package, or New With Tag.

We're doing a trade. How does shipping go?
Both parties will pay for their own shipping. Unless there is a drastic difference in the weight (say, a feather and a bowling ball), either I, or the person I am having a transaction with, is expected to help toward the shipping.

We had a transaction, but the comments I made are missing. Where did they go?
After one month of a transaction, I delete the old comments.

My package never showed up. What do I do now?
If you contact me keeping me updated that the package hasn't arrived, I will try my best to work something out with you. I keep all receipts from the Post Office up to 3 months after the transaction. After 1 month of the transaction you contact me saying you have not received it, I am no longer responsible for the package. Please allow at least 2 weeks for the package to arrive.

Do you ship internationally?

How are you sending my package out?
I tend to go for the cheapest way possible, unless you specify otherwise. For international, I only do airmail, and would appreciate that all other international people that I trade with do the same in return.

How do you figure out shipping?
I use the shipping calculator on www.usps.com. For an estimate, please comment with your zip code.

Would you hold an item for me?
Yes, up to 1 week.

Do prices include shipping?
No! Please comment with your zip code and I will give you an estimate.

I was interested in an item and you let someone else purchase it. Why?
You have up to 3 days to decide whether or not you want an item. If someone else is interested in it after that, it goes to the next person in line.

An item that I have paid for has been re-listed. Why?
If I have not received your payment within 1 week of you notifying me that you sent the payment out, I am putting the item back into the inventory. If someone else wants the item, it will go to them. If I never receive your payment, that is where the cash "at your own risk" policy comes in. If I do receive your payment and the item has not been re-sold, I will send you the item. If it has been re-sold, I will forward your payment back to you.

The item I purchased doesn't fit/changed my mind about it. May I return it?
All sales are final.

You sell burned CDs. Isn't that illegal?
Yes. Selling burned CDs is a felony. Most of the burned CDs I do sell were either traded or given to me as a friend. What I sell on my page is strictly for the cost of the CD itself, not for the music. All CDs are therefore $1 and nothing more. I do not wish that I, or anyone, get in trouble for something so silly.


AIM: love x dumpling